Friday, 1 March 2013


Finally catching up on blogging my CJ entries - I'm afraid I ended up doing two very quickly due to the amount of time I have had sitting around recovering from surgery - so here they are

First is Sian's - I chose this song not having heard it before and loving it- I have since downloaded a couple of albums :)

I have a thing about trees- they tend to signify growing (of course) and also in this case the many things that women are 'supposed' to be- the lyrics of the song making it clear that she won't be pushed into any of them

and on the inside a lonely female figure juggling all the different aspects of herself- I deliberately left this quite sparse so that people can add whatever things they think they are juggling :)

I'm afraid i did this one when i was still a bit high on morphine so I forgot to add to the other pages :( (that's my excuse anyway)

Next I did (apparently in the wrong order) Pat's

I'm afraid I only managed to add a little bleeding heart to this page

 My own entry was on Norah Jones' song 'Come Away With Me' - I've always loved this song and felt the flock of birds and the dream-like colours would suit it. One line mentions flying over the yellow grass so I dug out my old flower press to find  some grasses I pressed a couple of years ago- I hope they survive the various postings :)

And this is where i have been sitting for the past 2 months while I recover from surgery :D


  1. OH bless you - well you've done a fab job of the CJ you've had, hope you are fully recovered now and enjoying crafting again!

  2. You should create while high on morphine more often - that page with the girl and the tree is gorgeous!! :D

    as is the one in Pat's journal. Fab. Now I have both to do .... fun fun fun

  3. Wow Pam I LOVE what you've done in my journal!!! Thank you! I did wonder if you'd like Ani D :D I love trees, I love your representation of the song and I love being high on morphine too lol

    Nice job in Pat's too!!

  4. looking great .......and can I add - there is no particular order in my journal!!

  5. Love your entries especially the pressed flowers x