Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Christmas Sardine Can :Layer 2

Just finished playing with the sardine cans, having a great time with them.  This is Sherry's Christmas themed can after I've added layers of tissue paper, paint and then glammed up with some snowflakes and glitter.  I've left the outsides and wings untouched.

It's now ready for posting.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Desert Island Discs CJ - Sherry

I decided to go along the fabric route 
and will be sending out 10 loose pieces of fabric.
I haven't decided what they'll become yet and
will see what evolves once I have them all back.

My 10 songs are -

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty

We Are Young by FUN

Take This Waltz by Leonard Cohen

Lady Solitude by Richard Hawley

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

I know Him So Well by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dixon

Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf

The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush

True Love Ways by Buddy Holly

I've kept my reasons for choosing these brief -
and a couple I chose just because I like them.
I've done the last one on my list
Buddy Holly's 'True Love Ways'.
Looking forward to seeing what everyone does -
and to getting everyones journals too.
As soon as I have Pam's address, I'll get it in the post.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Dessert Island slipped Disc

 if you close your eyes and listen to the description of my title for this post you could forgive me for thinking that the circle journal was about puddings and back injuries,  it is a good job that I watched what others were doing and realised it was about deserts and records.

So, in the nick of time I have prepared my Donna Disc Thing: from a book, a record, and rather a lot of card and other stuff that happened to be on my desk at the time...

Before you freak out:

I will be adding a stamp or two to each persons part of my 'journal' to be used if the postage becomes a tad pricey (the stamps can be returned to me if my postage is about the same as other peoples - I have no idea if a small package is a standard fee...),  but I just loved the idea of sending it in it's box instead of just sending the indexed 'journal discography cards'.

I have done an index, some background blurb, burnt a disc for playing the list and done the first entry,  I will be posting on Wednesday 31st Oct as I am nowhere near a post office on the first of Nov.

oohh exciting...

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Desert Island Discs (Nigel, No' 2)

Ye gods! I'm actually ready to post on time!

I've eventually managed to get this down to just 10 songs. It wasn't easy, but I got there. They're not my 10 favourite records of all time, but I've done it as a "Tracks of my years" idea, so they are songs with meaning (and some of them are my favourites). 

As yet there is no cover. The idea is to make a slip case to hold the 10 pieces, but I don't want to limit what people can add to their page, so I'll make the case to fit when I get them back.

This is track No'2 - the everlasting Quo.

In case you're interested, the full list is:

Brighton Rock – Queen
Caroline – Status Quo
Tainted Love – soft Cell
Vienna – Ultravox
Street Tuff – Double Trouble & the Rebel MC
A New England – Kirsty MacColl
The Lark Ascending – Vaughan Williams
Beltaine – Jethro Tull
Read ‘em and weep – Meatloaf
Freebird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Altered Christmas Sardine Tin - for Sonja

This is how Sonja (wrightboysmum)'s tin arrived.
This is what it looks like now I've added a Christmas Angel.

The face is moulded from air dry clay,
the gown is fusible fibres, the hair is Angel Hair (what else!),
she has a beaded halo and some jingly Christmas bells.
The wings are metal charms coloured with alcohol inks.
I left the frame around the tin untouched
although I really wanted to add to it myself!
I'll be posting the tin onto Lou (PoshScot)
tomorrow for it's final stage of altering.

Incoming Mail Art

thank you Vicki,

my mail art was perched in the hall way waiting or me when I got in from work yesterday,

every woman is pleased to be greeted with flowers....
and these have added a splash of colour to my desk,

righto - time to add my name to the mail art trail again.....

( A donna louise  rodgers  blog post)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Better late than never!

This is the fab postcard that I received from Sarah last month ... I am only getting round to blogging it now (sorry!)  The day it arrived, it was raining very heavily and I just left my house when the postman was approaching - "Are you Karen?" he asked, I said yes and he handed me my card ... he had been reading it as he was walking lol !!  It managed to survive the downpour and is very appropriate for the day ... thanks Sarah :D

Pam - yours is on it's way :)

Pass the painting

Here is the latest layer I have done in the pass the painting. I added the purple paint to the clock and the letters, the purple and blue stenciling and the blue circles and heart washi tape. I sent this on to Leanie last week, which I hope I was supposed to do as I think it was her canvas originally, so after I sent it I got all confused!!
Sami x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pass The Painting....

Mine is home.....and here it is and  thanks to everyone who took their time to add some arty goodness.

This one is on it's way to Nigel..... a little out of sync... but that's life!
I added a little paint, white pen and some blingy flowers...

Altered Sardine Cans

My 2 cans all set for the next layer.

Christmas: The can has several layers of gesso, followed by red acrylic and then gold acrylic paint.  The paper inside the can is from my secret swapper, I do love all things spotty..

NON Christmas:  The can was covered in pages from a latin text book, then a layer of scrunched up tissue paper was added over this.  The dolls head is attached to a long screw, this is not secure as I think it will be easier to play with loose.

Girls feel free to get weird and wacky with these.

All packaged and ready for posting tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sarah's pair journal update

It's been a little while since Shirley and I have swapped journals, we've both been really busy recently.  But I thought I'd spend a few days getting mine ready to swap again this week, before I get stuck in to the Desert Island Discs CJ

So here's how it looks now, I just love this accordion journal because I get to see everything all at once, sensory overload! :)

My additions this time around:

I added the little worm to the apple - Shirley was humming and harring about adding him, but I think he's super cute, so I took the plunge

Then I went from this:

to this:

(I'm nothing if not predictable :) )

This next page you've seen before, as it was what I made with my Mystery Gift goodies:

Next I painted this lady (in the style of Marion Bolognesi) - am interested to see where Shirley takes this page:

And last of all, a new background for Shirley to use as a springboard....

I'll be popping this in the post later on this week....

Monday, 15 October 2012

Pat's use of mystery gift

I was truly delighted to receive my mystery gift of stash from Sherry and decided to kill two birds with one stone and make my book for the Desert Island Discs CJ (although no birds were actually killed)!
I made some fabric paper using text paper pattern tissue and scrim  then altered the cream leather with alcohol inks for the spine and keyhole embellishment  I'm sure I will use the other products in future projects

journal pages for Pat (made by Lorraine)

 Had a go at some more journal pages for Pats journal for the collabo art group
 forgot to take photos of what they looked like before I altered them but below are a further 2 pages that I am going to work on soon...and they looked similair to these ones


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Altered Sardine Tin - Sherry step 1

Hi All, Sherry here.
(post moved by Sarah)

I posted off my tin to Lou on Monday (8th Oct).
This is how it started out:

After several thorough washes it was ready
(the sardines in spicy tomato sauce were tasty by the way!)

I couldn't face gesso and drying and painting and drying,
so I took the easy option and covered the outside and lid with
Christmas sheet music using Liquitex matte medium.

I die cut one set of wings from the lid
and embossed them with a small patterned folder.

The wings are attached to the back of the tin with a gold brad,
so can be removed for posting.

I left the inside blank and the rim coloured with a gold pen.

I'm looking forward to what Lou does next -
how exciting!!

Incoming mail art from Lorraine

I received this fantastic postcard on Thursday but haven't had a chance to take a piccie of it until now

I love it Lorraine, thank you!

Friday, 12 October 2012

WANTED: 1 player for the Round Robin

The NON Christmas Round Robin Team need 1 more player to make them a complete set.  Closing date Monday 15th October.

Check it out here:

Its currently in the OPEN folder, however, it will be moving to RUNNING folder, once I figure out how to do it!!  Any help with this will be greatly appreciated (Can you tell I'm not a Blogger.)


Lou x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Monday, 8 October 2012

Secret Santa Swap

I'm sneaking in here (with permission from Sarah - honest Guv!) to let you all know about a swap going on over at mine.

I ran a Secret Santa last year and it was so much fun I decided to do it again this year. It's a one on one swap but you wont send to the person you receive from - like the recent Mystery Gift swap here. If you fancy a peep and maybe play along feel free to pop over and take a look :) Sign up closes on October the 15th.

Carmen x

Vicki & Palma Pairs Journal

Finally I've got myself into gear and made a journal. Had a massive fight with the sewing machine along the way, and I'm not convinced I've won yet. It may have all fallen apart by the time it reaches Italy.  In the meantime, here's a few snaps of the cover and some backgrounds I've started off. 

Fingers crossed it reaches you in one piece Palma! 
Have fun with it. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

So- A Pair Journal

So- A Pair Journal

I have decided to recycle- I love recycling / using junk mail and - well junk in things. 

This is a pamphlet I picked up in Frome when I went there to see Bellowhead.

I have gesso'd it and made a start on a couple of pages- the music thing is a bit 'subtle' lol as I wanted to get one of my cows in it straight away. 

I have left a few pictures / photos showing through and a lot of pages blank so far- so that my partner can have fun with them I hope this works :)

Once it is dry it shall be winging it's way over to Clare to have a good rummage through.

Looking forward to this.