Monday, 29 October 2012

Dessert Island slipped Disc

 if you close your eyes and listen to the description of my title for this post you could forgive me for thinking that the circle journal was about puddings and back injuries,  it is a good job that I watched what others were doing and realised it was about deserts and records.

So, in the nick of time I have prepared my Donna Disc Thing: from a book, a record, and rather a lot of card and other stuff that happened to be on my desk at the time...

Before you freak out:

I will be adding a stamp or two to each persons part of my 'journal' to be used if the postage becomes a tad pricey (the stamps can be returned to me if my postage is about the same as other peoples - I have no idea if a small package is a standard fee...),  but I just loved the idea of sending it in it's box instead of just sending the indexed 'journal discography cards'.

I have done an index, some background blurb, burnt a disc for playing the list and done the first entry,  I will be posting on Wednesday 31st Oct as I am nowhere near a post office on the first of Nov.

oohh exciting...


  1. This looks amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on it for real :)

  2. Oh wow ... now I want to start mine all over again :(

    *goes off to cry !!

  3. I cannot WAIT to see this work of beauty in the flesh :) I have a friend who makes handbags from old LPs and this has the same awesome look and feel. And thanks everso for being considerate with the postage stamps as just from looking at it I'd say that it will definitely be a pricey one to post around.

    There are two songs in particular on your list that I particularly fancy (as well as Blondie but that's already gone :) ) - and I get this 4th on the roster - so I reckon there's a good chance one of them will still be available - if not, I'll take a pot luck :D

    1. you nearly got 'the' moulded record around your journal page but Niall nearly cried when I asked if i could melt it - so you have a scanned image of the original cover instead...will mail you your page back tomorrow...dx

  4. WOW!!!!!! I'm the first to see this and can't wait!

  5. This looks really cool. What a fab idea. I'll be number 5 after Sarah and it will be great to see it in the flesh.