Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sarah's pair journal update

It's been a little while since Shirley and I have swapped journals, we've both been really busy recently.  But I thought I'd spend a few days getting mine ready to swap again this week, before I get stuck in to the Desert Island Discs CJ

So here's how it looks now, I just love this accordion journal because I get to see everything all at once, sensory overload! :)

My additions this time around:

I added the little worm to the apple - Shirley was humming and harring about adding him, but I think he's super cute, so I took the plunge

Then I went from this:

to this:

(I'm nothing if not predictable :) )

This next page you've seen before, as it was what I made with my Mystery Gift goodies:

Next I painted this lady (in the style of Marion Bolognesi) - am interested to see where Shirley takes this page:

And last of all, a new background for Shirley to use as a springboard....

I'll be popping this in the post later on this week....


  1. Oh your journal is beautiful, so vibrant in colours - sensory overload - absolutely but in the best way possible!!!!!!!!!

  2. great pages love the painting and motorhead one

  3. Love love the accordion book, and all the pages. Beginning to get a hang of how these pair journals work and the inventive way a partner can change the direction. Looking forward to it.

  4. Magnificent accordian book. Love all paintings (the face is awesome)and other elements as the tarot cards and so one. Really an amazing art work!
    Hugs Anja from germany

  5. I love the face - but then I would wouldn't I!

  6. This book is so vibrant and eye catching. It's really inspiring and the worm looks just right.

  7. Just about resurfacing from the last few weeks, absolutely love the direction you are takeing those pages Sarah. Glad a decision has been made about Mr Worm, he looks so at home in that apple. Your painted lady is great, I will see what she says to me when she arrives! I will be getting my journal out ready to get some paints and inks on the pages, I might even use some of the new paint techniques I have been learning on the 8 week online class I have been doing with Andy Skinner.

  8. Love it! It is so bright and colourful! Great little worm added to the apple! x