Friday, 2 May 2014

Stay At Home CJ - April Reveal - Art in my Heart

So here we are with the penultimate Stay At Home circle journal reveal - that has gone quick!

This month we all worked on Gill's cool background
and her theme was Art in my Heart

Here are all our - very different - entries this month:

Sami - "I used gelli printed deli paper to collage and then used acrylic paint markers to decorate and doodle"

Lou - “Helping my inner Goddess break free - I made a deep heart recessed into the base, the base was gesso'd and sanded down a few times.  The heart was covered with layers of red tissue paper. Gold paint was slapped over the base and heart.  The goddess sits within the heart securely behind bars, or is she?!”

Pat - "I made a couple of copies of the original background and used these to layer my page, I've stamped embossed and added various layers"

Gill - "apologies for the not great picture, my scanner is playing up!"

Pam - "I took the title literally and made some art coming from a heart. Gelli printed card using poster paints and acrylics with some clingfilm for the texture - on which I drew an anatomical heart (that brought back memories!!) from one of my anatomy books. Then used pen and ink and watercolour pencils for the flowers :)"

Sarah - "I got to thinking about broken hearts, and how they can often inspire creativity in different ways - acrylic paints with purple bombay ink for the tears - I left the heart from the underlying background where it happened to land on her neck, as I thought it looked pretty cool, like a tattoo"

Virginia - "I loved the background print this month (actually I've liked them all) and liked the play on words.  Having been one of those kids that was told at school I couldn't draw it's lovely to be able to get inky and messy and call it art (even if others might not LOL).  I first got back into art at the time I got married in 1998 and as part of that we had a Celtic theme running through the same, including a knot designed by hubby, this knot has continued to resonate through our lives and so I thought it would be apt to utilise it on my page.  I also like the fact that this knot as per many traditional knots has no beginning and no end and therefore feel returning to creativity and art is like coming full circle on somewhere I've been before.  Initially I toned down the background with a light gesso, then I used a 'cell' mask and some distress inks on top before finally painting on our Celtic knot which I subsequently edged in silver.  I finished the page off with distress inks and a grungy border stamp"

Carmen - "Never let it be said that I don't do literal *g* - Art in my Heart - a rather dodgy looking heart... but wouldn't yours be with a paint brush going through it? I used gesso, fineliner and Posca paint pens - much fun was had. Thank you for a great background to work on Gill"

Another brilliantly varied month - thanks to all the participants for being so prompt this time, it's only the second of the month and the reveal post is up, I think this might be a record!! :D

Next month is sadly the last one :( :( :(  I've really enjoyed this CJ and will miss it!!

Our final background is by Katie, and her theme is Cogs and Wheels and Rust:

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for the very final reveal.....