Sunday, 31 May 2015


Well now I know that Donna's book has arrived safely in France I am able to show the final reveal on my pairs journal. 

This is the gorgeous bag I discovered when I opened up the box!  How pretty is this?

And a close up

Then some art work - love it! 

And here is the book in the bag!

This is the side of it! 

And the front! 

And a view from the top - now I'm not going to provide a running commentary of the book as it were, just points of interest.  I will be sharing each and every page, the one thing you won't be able to understand is the incredible texture in the book!  

The amazing part of seeing the book again, reminds me that it's been quite a journey started in 2012 -I believe as there are a few Olympic references in the book!   Donna and I were quite happy to add to each others pages over and over again so it became a beautifully collaborative project built upon through time!  

Acetate overlays and hand-drawn pretties

Artwork by Donna on the left

Ephemera from a fun summer on the left page in the Forbidden Corner ticket 

Some fabulous texture paste on this! 

Extended stamping and sewn elements

Fabric pages

Oodles of fibres

Even leatherette ladies

Original Donna stamp

More texture! 

The end - it's been a blast hope you enjoyed taking a look!