Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I have a feeling that Donna has blogged an update after these photos so they'll run slightly out of sequence but hey - that's the way it rolls - nope just checked it was her journal I was thinking of so win win.

This is my journal which is now starting to resemble Donna's book sculpture, I've just increased the book ring size thinking it would help - but I'm not convinced and these are the biggest book rings I've got.

 Simple add ons to pages, gelli prints on the edges
 And again here on the top edge and right hand edge.
 Washi tape
  More gelli plate fun
 Bit more gelli plate goodness
 Forbidden Corner ticket used on the page
 Gelli plate
 Colouring in
 Go on guess - bet you can't think what it is - yep gelli plate
 and on the other side
 Additional words, started but not complete
 Lace and ribbon additions
 Little house addition
 Transparency overlay
 Stepping back quote
 Originally had a lamppost stamp that I'd done, now has a giant topiary tree
 Bit more gelliplating
 New tag
I have yet to work on the pairs journal I've currently got, probably due to all the mail issues recently, however, I'm having a craft day today so might be able to sort.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Lou's EC : Gothic Burlesque

 Coolest Gothic Burlesque in town!!  Thanks ladies

Lou(head)/Pat(body)/Donna(hips to knees)/Sherry(knees to feet)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Desert Island Discs - Pat

Procul Harem - A whiter shade of pale

Considering that there's only a couple more swaps to go,
I was amazed that nobody had taken this one!
(maybe I'm the only one who can remember that far back?)

I really enjoyed this one.
I'm not a huge fan of the sixties, but I love the bold bright colours
and the sometimes surreal imagery that was around on posters, LP covers and magazines.
I started with a realistic looking face but decided it didn't fit,
so went for a slightly 'odd' one instead.

Friday, 17 May 2013

JUNK KEY (The Curse of the Recorded Signed for Delivery Demon from Derby)

if you follow the conversations on our facebook page then you will already know Virginia and I are tring to track down Sarah (Flo's) circle journal,  the loss is being investigated by the post office, but it is pretty clear that they will not even have responded to our requests for an investigation (let alone found the parcel) by the time we do the next rotation.

Sarah is being Jolly Relaxed and Chilled about it,

Virginia has developed a stomach ulcer and I am just paranoid that the Mail is boycotting my address.

anyway, the reason I am sharing this with you is that, rather than send a big fat nothing back to Sarah, I have made her a Junk Key, this will be mailed in place of the CJ to Sherry and on round the rotation - please add a TALSIMAN to the key fob.  This is so that Sarah will have Something to open when we all get our CJs back - and it is designed to occupy a space on Sarah's shelf until we bring back the missing CJ

The Theme for the talismen needs to relate to the dateline of the lost CJ and the concept of loss....

here's what I'm sending for the last two Cj'ers to add to:

all the bits are made from recycled Junk, drilled, sanded, re purposed, bent twisted and epoxy resined into shape,  it is a JUNK KEY (copyright donnalouiserodgers)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Desert Island Discs - page for Sonja

There were only three songs left, I chose
'The Boys of Summer' by Don Henley.
I didn't think I knew the song, until I heard it - I just
hadn't known what it was called or who it was by!

I printed out the embracing couple and stuck them
onto the background which I painted with acrylics - there's
also a little bit of stickles around the moon and on the water,
but you can't see it here.

Here's the back

I had to use an image of a woman wearing Wayfarers
because of what Sonja had wrote :)
The background is sprays inks and another
silhouette of a solitary man this time.

Hope this fits the bill Sonja.

I didn't have time to add to any of the previous entries
this time, but they are all looking great.

Sonja's CJ is now on it's way to Pam

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Time for another round of Desert Island Discs

I've got to say that I've been so lucky with this CJ so far when it comes to song choices - even now as we get near the end, and so many songs have already been nabbed for the previous entries, I'm still getting the songs I wanted.

In this case, the CJ is Karen's, and the song was Stay by Shakespeare's Sister

Who could forget that brilliant video???

 I just can't believe it's over 20 years old!

Anyway - this is what I did for my page:

With a spray painted space background and Siobhan in all her eye-rolling nuttiness printed onto tissue paper and stuck on with mod podge

(the yellow border isn't part of it, by the way, that's just the chair underneath :))

As for tweaking previous participants' pages, as is allowed on this CJ, I've only played with two this time, as a lot of the earlier pages have already had a lot of additions made and there wasn't room for any more :)

On Pam's page for "Sebastian" by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, I added some colour to the "rays" to reflect the mention of a candle flame in the song lyrics, and I also sprayed some varnish over the image transfer to darken it up a tad:

And I used grey inks and various crackle effect stamps to add a border around Donna's fabulous portrait of Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, as the song she was illustrating, The Final Cut, describes a man having a bit of a breakdown:

That's all from me for this month .....

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

D&V paired journal

this is our seventh swap - and my journal is recovering from having given birth to 15 baby journellettes.

It all in the fine details now, and I'm getting lots of satisfaction out of doing just a few things on a couple of the pages as we build up layers, tear off bits and create 'story' for the content.  I fell in love with this 'stitched' girl image and have reproduced the image and used it in a lot of recent collage pieces

It is my journal that I worked in,  and it is now with Virginia, hers is at my local post office where it languishes until I get my fave postie to find it for me....I reckon they spot the journal swaps and have a good nosy and re-wrap then suddenly 'find' it for me.Similarly the circle journal is in transit, and unless they both arrived on the same day and it is the same  delivery notice card (come pick up your parcel in a few days and we might find it for you if you are lucky and your name is not Donna)  so I created a Junkie ( things made solely form the Junk I got for the baby journallettes) and mailed it to Sherry... you too might get a random Junkie in the post...