Friday, 3 May 2013

Page overload to the penny dropping, finally!!

I signed up for the paired journal to challenge me, and it does.  When my journal came back with all of Sami's fantatsic additions and extra pages I immediately decided I'd dived in to the paired journal before I was ready.  I looked at those gorgeous pages and my mind just froze.

 A few weeks later Sami let me know she was ready to trade again and I hadn't made a mark; time to be brave and tackle my journal.  This is where page overload comes in:  Bond,James Bond:

 Oh yes, page overload.  I'm still in the must finish the page mindset here.  Leaving it partially done was still alien to me.  I added lots of bold pieces but when I finally added the hand , I  realised I'd gone completely OTT, and then the penny dropped, 'Less is More'.

No more anguish from this point forward I'm in the zone.  

So here's a selection of my other pages with the 'Less is More' approach:
 Added the golden sunrays and words 'Spirit of Womankind'  This goddess symbol is one of my faves, you might see it in some of my other work!!

The compass was stamped onto tissue paper before adding to the page.  The chinese text was stencilled and the butterflies where a gift from another crafter.

 I stencilled in the clock face and roman numerals and  stamped the words 'tick tock'.

This is fast becoming my favourite page.  Lots of stamping onto tissue before applying to the page with modge podge.

More stamping onto tissue then modge podging the images.
And some new pages for Sami to play with.

Thanks for your patience while I work through my 'creative' issues and to Sami for being so patient with me while I muddled through.  Sami's journal is with me and I'm ready to roll!!


  1. fabulous - see once we unclench relax and enjoy beautiful things appear, fabulous work,


  2. I agree with Donna, just going with the flow is why these pairs journals work so well and this one is looking awesome!

  3. As they say in My Fair Lady, "by george she's got it!" :) glad that the penny has dropped and that you are having fun - this journal is looking amazing already!!

  4. OMG just LOVE all these pages!!!!Been catching up on all the work happening in the group,and,i'm mightily impressed.
    Can I ask Lou the 007 page...the foot steps you've put on are they a stamp?what is it please?

  5. Irene its a stamp from a Tim Holtz set, happy to stamp some for you just email me Lou x

  6. Great pages. I totally get how you're feeling as I'm doing a pair with Rebecca and we are both feeling unconfident when actually the work is ace. It's the fear of the unknown. Looking forward to seeing more.

  7. Lou, your pages are great and I am loving collaborating with you! Please dont ever worry or fret over pages, its supposed to be fun! I am just slapping things down and using gelli prints and wiping off my stencils in my journal, theres no fore thought or planning, and ithink our journals are coming along great, I am finding them really inspiring and its nice to have the spiritual element we can include as well! X