Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I have a feeling that Donna has blogged an update after these photos so they'll run slightly out of sequence but hey - that's the way it rolls - nope just checked it was her journal I was thinking of so win win.

This is my journal which is now starting to resemble Donna's book sculpture, I've just increased the book ring size thinking it would help - but I'm not convinced and these are the biggest book rings I've got.

 Simple add ons to pages, gelli prints on the edges
 And again here on the top edge and right hand edge.
 Washi tape
  More gelli plate fun
 Bit more gelli plate goodness
 Forbidden Corner ticket used on the page
 Gelli plate
 Colouring in
 Go on guess - bet you can't think what it is - yep gelli plate
 and on the other side
 Additional words, started but not complete
 Lace and ribbon additions
 Little house addition
 Transparency overlay
 Stepping back quote
 Originally had a lamppost stamp that I'd done, now has a giant topiary tree
 Bit more gelliplating
 New tag
I have yet to work on the pairs journal I've currently got, probably due to all the mail issues recently, however, I'm having a craft day today so might be able to sort.


  1. That gelli plate of yours is definitely being put to work! :)

    As ever when you and Donna share pics of your pair journals I can only gaze on with wonder and some envy at your combined style - so free and full of wild abandon! I sincerely wish I could let go of my need for everything to be tidy and finished all the time, teach me your skillz ladies! :)

    Am hopefully seeing Donna on Friday, so maybe a face to face meeting will help

    1. Sarah it might - it's certainly Donna's style and ability to just go with the flow that has helped me stop feeling the need for everything to be finished, perfect etc and just allow it to evolve and you can tell from the pairs books they are an eclectic mix of our styles and now over a year's worth of collaboration a constant reminder of two people having great fun mixing their styles and their art!

  2. Such a treasure! I wish I could sit down, have a cup of tea and slowly turn the pages in your beautiful journal :)

  3. Hey hun, just call me on the phone when you want to mail me and I will make sure someone is in to sign......

  4. Very exciting pages :) Dxx

  5. oh wonderful! Love all the paper, paint, textures, colors! ABsolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!