Thursday, 2 May 2013

Prayer flag play

It seems like an awfully long time ago that I made these prayer flag bases for Lou's project


But I thought I would wait until the end to blog everything together

My bases were made from denim cut from an old pair of jeans (the middle section is how they looked to start with)

I printed patterns on them using a gelli-plate and acrylic paints, and then added some embroidered details, and sent them on their way

Round 2:

These are the two flag bases I received from Pam and Sami respectively:

I added an appliquéd leaf to Pam's background, and also added some more fabric and a ribbon border to the bottom.  And on Sami's I highlighted her existing design with lots of beading and silver embroidery, and added a row of jingle bells to the base:

Here's a close up of Sami's as you can't really see the French knots and beads and stuff on the photo above:

Round 3:

Here are the final round flags I received .... the first one started by Pat and added to by Sami.... 

.... and the second started by Lou and added to by Pam

On the first I added this gorgeous embellishment made by my bessie mate Alison, I couldn't believe how perfectly the colours matched, so I just had to use it (sorry to cover up your cool spiral stitching Sami!)
and I also added some "grass" along the bottom:

And on the other, which was already fairly busy and with loads of texture, I added a face painted on fabric, roughly cut out to match the rest of the flag's raw edged style:

So that's all my contributions to the various flags - I hope that all the recipients liked their "to keep" flags as much as I love mine, below:

The first one was started by Lou and added to by Pat and Sami respectively

And the other was started by Pat and subsequently worked on by Lou and Pam

(there's a super cute little cat bead on the bottom left that has got hidden behind a leaf)

Thank you all - I intend to hang these from the tree in my garden, but not until I have made a couple more to go with them, it will be lovely to see them all in a line flapping away in the breeze


  1. These are so colourful - love every one of them - still kicking myself for not joining in!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Sarah, like Sherry I love them all and am kicking myself for not joining in!

  3. it's good to see the progression - collaboration works!
    I enjoyed taking part and love my flags too

  4. Its great to see how they progressed, I bet they look gorgeous in the breeze.

  5. gorgeous stuff- I'm also going to make some more before i hang them outside :)

  6. these are all so gorgeous! i am currently making some with my pupils and they have lots of fun creating them.

  7. They look really great Sarah! No worries covering up the spiral, that embellishment is perfect for it! I really enjoyed this and am hoping that it will run again...hint, hint! I dont want to put mine outside though as I love it and dont want the weather to ruin it!