Friday, 17 May 2013

JUNK KEY (The Curse of the Recorded Signed for Delivery Demon from Derby)

if you follow the conversations on our facebook page then you will already know Virginia and I are tring to track down Sarah (Flo's) circle journal,  the loss is being investigated by the post office, but it is pretty clear that they will not even have responded to our requests for an investigation (let alone found the parcel) by the time we do the next rotation.

Sarah is being Jolly Relaxed and Chilled about it,

Virginia has developed a stomach ulcer and I am just paranoid that the Mail is boycotting my address.

anyway, the reason I am sharing this with you is that, rather than send a big fat nothing back to Sarah, I have made her a Junk Key, this will be mailed in place of the CJ to Sherry and on round the rotation - please add a TALSIMAN to the key fob.  This is so that Sarah will have Something to open when we all get our CJs back - and it is designed to occupy a space on Sarah's shelf until we bring back the missing CJ

The Theme for the talismen needs to relate to the dateline of the lost CJ and the concept of loss....

here's what I'm sending for the last two Cj'ers to add to:

all the bits are made from recycled Junk, drilled, sanded, re purposed, bent twisted and epoxy resined into shape,  it is a JUNK KEY (copyright donnalouiserodgers)


  1. Donna that's amazing stuff!

  2. Oh wow....I know this is a replacement for the CJ...but I am thinking it would be a good future swap theme?


  3. that is one of the most fantastic ideas from fantastic land! and could even be crowned as king of fantastic land!!! :)

  4. That is such a shame about Sarah's CJ - let's hope it'll eventually turn up. Your Junk Key is a brilliant idea Donna and I look forward to adding to it. I'm going away tomorrow for two weeks though so won't be able to acknowledge receipt of it like I usually do. Hubby's not coming tho so I'll check in with him and keep you informed xx

  5. Abso-blooming-lutely fantastic!