Sunday, 12 May 2013

Time for another round of Desert Island Discs

I've got to say that I've been so lucky with this CJ so far when it comes to song choices - even now as we get near the end, and so many songs have already been nabbed for the previous entries, I'm still getting the songs I wanted.

In this case, the CJ is Karen's, and the song was Stay by Shakespeare's Sister

Who could forget that brilliant video???

 I just can't believe it's over 20 years old!

Anyway - this is what I did for my page:

With a spray painted space background and Siobhan in all her eye-rolling nuttiness printed onto tissue paper and stuck on with mod podge

(the yellow border isn't part of it, by the way, that's just the chair underneath :))

As for tweaking previous participants' pages, as is allowed on this CJ, I've only played with two this time, as a lot of the earlier pages have already had a lot of additions made and there wasn't room for any more :)

On Pam's page for "Sebastian" by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, I added some colour to the "rays" to reflect the mention of a candle flame in the song lyrics, and I also sprayed some varnish over the image transfer to darken it up a tad:

And I used grey inks and various crackle effect stamps to add a border around Donna's fabulous portrait of Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, as the song she was illustrating, The Final Cut, describes a man having a bit of a breakdown:

That's all from me for this month .....


  1. Love how you did the page for Stay Sarah, brilliant background. How shocking that song is now that old! Nice additions to other pages too:)

  2. i especially love the steve harley piece! wonderful colors!

  3. I nearly did 'stay' would not have done it the justice you have, have up dated the facebook page regarding the missing journal...I manage to establish that the Po have two records - one saying it arrived (but no signature) and another saying there is no confirmation of delivery ( yeah really??? you don't say...) and to wait 15 days...

  4. Wow great art, love al of these projects, a LOT! Hugs FRea

  5. ooh nice...I especially like the "Stay with me one" (though musically prefer Steve Harley!) did you print onto tissue paper though? Did you use freezer paper or mounting spray?


  6. Fabulous work, as always Sarah and it's great that you are managing to get your song choice on this one, ooh now if only your DID would turn up!

  7. Oh I am so loving all of these. I may have to invest in a crackle stamp methinks! Stay is one of my favourite songs ever and you did it such justice. Also love the vibrancy of the other page too - loving how everyone's contributions are making up some really gorgeous pages.

  8. Absolutely stunning entry Sarah - literally out of this world!

  9. Love those planets! Spray painting looks so much fun!