Monday, 16 March 2015

Tunnel Books - a reunion project!

Gosh it's a long time since there has been any new activity on this blog!

 *blows away the cobwebs*

We are re-opening Collabor-art for a one-off reunion project, as discussed in recent weeks in our Facebook group - a round robin with Tunnel Books...

Taking part are:

Group 1 -
  • myself (Sarah / Flo)
  • Kyla
  • Carmen
  • Jas
Group 2 - 
  • Virginia
  • Sonja
  • Clare
  • Diane

First posting date : Monday April 27th
with three more postings monthly (May 25th, June 29th, July 27th) until the books are back where they started.

Please PM the person who is posting to you on Facebook to give them your address

As you can see from the various example pictures on this post - and a quick google will serve up many more - tunnel books come in all shapes and sizes and styles and themes.

The common trait is that the cover, and subsequent interior pages, have holes cut out of them, and generally these holes get smaller as you approach the back of the book, so that when the book is closed you can see a little of every page.

You can either use an existing, bound book as a base for your tunnel book - childrens board books are perfect for this as the pages are so sturdy...... or you can use loose pages, binding them together at the end of the process using an accordion style edging (see the woodland short stories book top right or the final example picture below)

In month 1, each participant should prepare their book (with a cover and at least three interior pages), decorate the front cover and optionally a page or two, and decide upon a theme for the book.

Pages should ideally be around 5" or 6" square, but a little larger or smaller than that (or less square! :)) is fine

Subsequent recipients of the book should work on one page each.

As far as style / media - from these examples I'd say almost anything goes!  Collage, papercutting, illustration, mixed media, have at it! :)

Just be careful cutting those holes out, I don't want to hear of any nasty Xacto incidents!

Please let me know on here or in the Facebook group if you have any questions that I haven't covered off....