Sunday, 3 November 2013

Stay at Home CJ - October - Beasties!

Woohooo!!! it's reveal time!!!!

This month in the stay-at-home CJ we have all been working on Carmen's gorgeous background


and her theme, perfect for Halloween month, was 'beastie'

In no particular order, here are this month's diverse and wonderful entries:

Pam's fantastic Cthulhu - I love the way he's escaping off the page :) - painted with acrylics and using carvable paste and stamps, then inked and used white and red pencil with a touch of silver paste on the tentacles
                                                    the Weaver of Destiny by Lou - that stitched web is awesome!                                                                               
Sami's genuinely scary entry - don't have nightmares kids! - "I had every intention of doing the Loch Ness Monster (I know Carmen's a bit partial to Nessie and Scotland!) But when I looked at the background I could just see this female zombie silhouette emerging from the page. The closer I looked, the more I could see all the elements, the torn book pages looked liked grave stones and there was even a moon in the background. I know Carmen loves Zombies so I thought, that's not a problem, do a zombie then. I got my pen and settled down on the sofa to draw and scared myself with what emerged! I would not like to meet her on a dark night! I used a black biro, a red biro, some white and black oil pastels and letter stamps with black ink."
Most pumpkins are rather cute, but Virginia's pumpkin-head monster actually looks rather menacing! - Virginia calls him her Scooby Doo villain :)  
Pat's lovely multi layered entry this month quotes the famous poem 'the Spider and the Fly' by Mary Howitt
I just love these cute lil' monsters from Katie - "I drew stuff- I don't like my drawings but as this is a CJ I MADE myself draw as an experiment! *shakes*" - I'd say that experiment paid off!
Another Cthulhu - this time by yours truly (Sarah) - mine is mourning the death of his creator, Lovecraft.  Funny how Pam and I, sight unseen, have ended up with such similar entries - even his three quarter stance is the same!  This is all acrylic paints and pencil.
                     Wisher (Gill)'s interpretation of the theme is really cool - the Beastie is within, not without.               
And last, but certainly not least, Carmen's own entry, which I LOVE!!!! It reminds me of one of Dave McKean's Sandman covers, which is high praise indeed from me, fantastic!  - "I could see a figure which might or might not be me and I could see what looked like a crows beak and head - so that's what I went with. I found the quote and it  just seemed to all come together and fit with how I'm feeling at the moment.  I used oil pastels, HB pencil, gel pen and biro"
So that's this month all wrapped up - I'm enjoying this CJ so much, I hope everyone else is loving it too :)

Next month, we're working on Pat's background, and the theme is Steampunk  =======>

So, have at it, stay-at-homers!  Deadline is Saturday November 30th.  Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.....