Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Well it's on its way this morning to Donna and all I can say is phew.  I struggled with this one because it's firstly a gorgeous looking journal and secondly already full of fantastic layouts which just terrified me.  So after deliberating and contemplating about which track to pick (also known as pratting around), I finally bit the bullet and got on with it.

Choice of songs - Beastie Boys - You've Got to Fight for your Right to Party as I liked Sarah's story behind why she chose it.

So I set to with the gelli plate initially (throwing paint at the gelli plate and fighting with the brayer was a good place to start!

I used a mask to create the outline of the 'partying' character on the front page, then set to penning part of the double helix, Sarah had mentioned that this track formed part of her Uni life and that she went to Warwick Uni, whose crest includes the double helix and let's be honest music really does form part of our DNA - doesn't it?
Open this page up and I add the logo and the placard!  Unlike others that have had their hands on this book I turned the page so that rather than creating a pocket or taking the piece off, I created a flap (hope that's OK Sarah).
The back of the page has a 'door' on it, Sarah mentioned redecorating her door at Uni with the album cover
 and altering the logo for her and her partner in crime.
Open the door and you've got a ghetto blaster, gelli plate background and the song lyrics scrawled in promarker on the page and the Warwick Uni logo on the right hand side.  A few embossed musical notes and it was good to go and hopefully leaves some scope for others to add to it before returning to Sarah.
 Additions - small paper butterflies to the first page

 Stars on this page
 More stars (you can never have enough)
 Some more masking on this page although it's hard to tell as it's quite subtle
 And finally more stars.
Phew, another one done and on it's way, the next journal has turned up and this one is made of fabric and circular, should prove fun and challenging at the same time!


  1. I have already raved over this over on Facebook - I love it so much Virginia - it takes me straight back to my carefree student days :) thank you!!

    1. I'm just glad you like it I've spent all month stressing over it rather than getting on and doing it!

  2. tut tut, this crafting thing is what we do to RELIEVE stress, not add to it!

  3. What a great page - no wonder Sarah loves it x

  4. ha ha ha - V one day you will realise how good at this you are and actually ENJOY it!!!!!!

  5. This is amazing Virginia! I love how much thought you have obviously put into it, you have really listened to Sarahs reasons and created something really special for her, you really are super talented!