Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pass The Painting....

Mine is home.....and here it is and  thanks to everyone who took their time to add some arty goodness.

This one is on it's way to Nigel..... a little out of sync... but that's life!
I added a little paint, white pen and some blingy flowers...


  1. I love the final piece it looks so textured and tactile.

  2. nice to see the end result and the one being sent to Nigel how it has changed since I first worked on it!

  3. Oh I love how your canvas turned out Effie - especially that purple cheesecloth - I hope you like it!

    So as they are all starting to come home now, I need to fish back through all the posts so I can bring together some "from start to finish" photo sequences....

  4. Love the sad little king painting. And the icon painting too. So interesting to see these collaborations and the images they produce.

  5. It has been really great to watch these paintings come to life. All so different and everyone stunning.