Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Altered Christmas Sardine Tin - for Sonja

This is how Sonja (wrightboysmum)'s tin arrived.
This is what it looks like now I've added a Christmas Angel.

The face is moulded from air dry clay,
the gown is fusible fibres, the hair is Angel Hair (what else!),
she has a beaded halo and some jingly Christmas bells.
The wings are metal charms coloured with alcohol inks.
I left the frame around the tin untouched
although I really wanted to add to it myself!
I'll be posting the tin onto Lou (PoshScot)
tomorrow for it's final stage of altering.


  1. Beautifully done, and it's so fascinating to see what can be done with a simple tin.

  2. Looking forward to playing with this :) but it is hard to know when to stop!!

  3. It looks fab so far. Thank You. I had a hard time stopping as well before I posted it.