Saturday, 6 October 2012

Mystery Gift Received...

I was going to post this after I had made my item from my goodies which I'd hoped to do this weekend... but time is getting away from me so I shall post my thank you to the fabulous Donna for my parcel now and post my make during the week :)

I was gobsmacked, totally, by the gorgeous box of treats that arrived on my door step. The duckies made me laugh - I alter them and had just been saying to my Other Half during the week that I needed to get some more as it had been to long since I had altered one - Donna you must be psychic!

In amongst all these goodies were this beautiful domino dangly charm...
And this beautiful framed print of Donna's Red lady painting - which I have ogled for all the time I've been following her blog and that's a long time - in fact it is what led me to her blog in the first place! I just love it and this is hanging up in eye line of my desk right now!
Also in the box, a few of Donna's own rubber stamps - designed by her. Couldn't believe it. I've been drooling over these since she's been previewing them on her blog and feel extremely spoilt by these and everything else in the box. Thank you a million squillion Donna :) Be back in the week with what I have made with your stash!

Carmen x


  1. Wow Carmen, beautiful items as the other side of Donna's pair journal I know how beautiful her work is so completely 'get this' post! Can't wait to see what you create


  2. Love the charms and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.

  3. sorry we did not stop long enough for tea, wear the boots when you do the making eh? even if they are undone and your feet are only half way in - twill help the creative juices to bubble up...


    ps you are WAYYYYY smaller than I was at 38.5 weeks

  4. quack quack :) what a great big parcel of goodies!! lucky you!

  5. Beautiful parcel with lots of goodies x