Saturday, 6 October 2012


I've made a start with 3 or 4 basic pages in my pair journal, just starting points - my mind went blank when I was faced with the empty pages, so I hope they take us somewhere. I've made up a digital collage of the pages so far:

The front cover is temporary until I can think of some way of 'tootying it up'.  I found that my photographer daughter, Zoë, has a nice little binder, so I was able to make my own journal using some fairly reasonable watercolour paper.  I love the Chinese couple, but don't know where it can go to next.

On the inside of the back cover (bottom right image) I added a pocket for small items for 'swaps' if Karen feels this would be a good idea.  I hope to post it to her on Monday, and look forward to receiving hers.


  1. I love this. The colours are already gorgeous - love the swap pocket and I love that your cover is also a part of it that can be changed on it's journey :D

  2. What a great start. I think the couple is a great picture and can think of a few things to add to it. Looking forward to seeing the journal progress.

  3. This journal's looking fantastic already!! I'm excited to see a lot of new pairs starting off this month, as I so enjoy seeing the fruits of collaboration. Can't wait to see where this one ends up....

  4. Great start to your journal, I love the hanging dolls/puppets! x

  5. Bad blogger alert!!

    Jez - I received your wonderful journal last week, sorry I haven't had a minute to post on here but just to say it arrived safe and well and yes - the post office man did good lol (central stamp) your tree doodles are fantastic - so much so that I intend to use them in either your journal or mine ... or indeed both. I will get mine sent off to you in the next few days, it is half term - so I can get back to being a nightowl and get creative!! :D