Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Another month, another CJ....

....and this month it was my absolute pleasure to contribute to Virginia's desert island discs box.

But before I got to work on my own entry, I of course had fun defacing enhancing everything that had gone before :)

The box itself - I added some highlights to the wording in a butterscotch-y colour paint to complement the purples, and then stencilled a dotty pattern around the edges of the box in the same colour:

Next I added some black and white geometric washi tape to both the front and back of Virginia's page for Roxette's The Look (as the journalling was about a black and white dress):

I *carefully* added some colour to Donna's gorgeous drawing of the pregnant lady:

I wasn't sure what I could add to Sherry's fab page featuring Motley Crue's pretty boy frontman Vince Neil, as the page was already pretty full.  But then I remembered he was not one to leave the house without lipgloss, so out came the Diamond Glaze :)

Don't worry it doesn't look this heavily applied in real life, I just took the photo at a glary angle as from full on you couldn't really see the lippy

Next up, Pam's Pink page - I added a border in oil pastels to ground the two hands a little, and then a line round the perimeter with a purple paint pen:

And finally, my own page and sign in tag:

Not the best photo but this was the one that best captured all the sparkle and shimmer from the metallic and interference paints.

The song is One Last Breath by Creed, one of my favourites.


  1. Oh Sarah you've done an awesome job, I love the page you've created and the additions to the other pages, I'm always amazed when I see pages and think they are done and then you add to them and it enhances them even more, loving the glossy accent lips - genius!

  2. I think we might have this collabor arter concept nailed??? fabulous work Sarah,


  3. I love your page Sarah, the visual is great and i love the word style. All your additions are fab, especially the lip gloss!!

  4. Really striking imagery, and the additions are great :)