Friday, 1 February 2013

Virginia's Desert Island Discs

Unfortunately I had to take a bit of a break before doing this one as I had surgery to recover from- but thankfully this gave me something to do while recovering :)

Taking to heart Sarah's entreaty to be more collaborative I have added a piece of metalwork to a couple of the previous pages - I think they work :)

Hearts appeared to figure a lot on the page so i thought why not have one that stands out?

The mask in the background was of a lovely clockwork theme- so I found some bits from an old watch I had taken apart- I do that a lot - just to add to the background a bit

This is my page for the song 'Glitter in the Air' by Pink
Looking at the lyrics and watching her sing it on You|Tube made me think of a few things at once:
The Circus
Feeling 'held' and 'balanced'
Overcoming fear
Brightness / colours
 These all came together in a kind of circus figure being held steady yet enjoying the moment - I hope that makes sense?
I was keen to keep the colours bright and 'happy'

I even had a go at drawing- something I hadn't done in a while- and I'm quite pleased at the result 
The hands are stamped and the background is a mixture of different masks roughly sponged over with emulsion from a DIY shop :)

Onto the next one :)


  1. Love additions Pam and your own page is great too.

    Hope your recovery is going well too x

  2. fabulous solo work and the drawing is excellent, love the additions too,,,,


  3. Oh that's fabulous I love it - so in keeping with the positives of the song, and I adore the additions yay!!!!!

  4. Lovely work on your page and the bits added to the others. I love this song - it makes me smile when she sings 'have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air'? I was listening to it a few years ago and did it just for the hell of it lol ! Cue one very sparkly garden !!

  5. Your page looks FAB! Love how you wrote down what the song made you feel and incorporated all of that into the art x

  6. oooh did you draw that circus lady from scratch? she's ace! clever you!

    fab additions to the prior pages too