Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Purely Collaged Postcards

Mine are a little late in wending their way across the Channel but they have finally gone today. Hopefully they will make it to their new homes fairly unscathed!

Firstly, here are the fabby backgrounds I got from Jaz. Sorry about the wonky scan but it's the best one I have.

And here is what I did with them.

I really enjoyed doing this, even if it was a really struggle not to add just a little ink or paint!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and they actually look as if they have some paint on them - especially the bottom one. They certainly don't lack anything for not having them. Love these :)

  2. Lovely work Donna - will talk when I get home but in the meantime I never know where to comment - ie what is the other blog?

    Neet (not yet jet lagged but still can't understand - doh!)

  3. Oh you've done a fabulous job of both of them!

  4. great backgrounds and I love what you did with them - fab!!

  5. Mine arrived the other day and I love it!!! They both look really fantastic x

  6. This joint effort has worked really well. Love the way they have really merged well together.
    I think I would have a big problem holding back on the the paint and ink too.