Sunday, 17 February 2013

The illusive circle journal

Sarah and I have been in communication about Karen's CJ.

I have had quite a time getting it into my studio, in fact, had it been left on a desert island for me to pick up and rescue I would probably have felt less stressed.

Long story short?  it got misdirected and because I mail in and out a lot, a very kind Postie did some investigating for me before we went along official lines...

I've now done my work, and am thinking, rather than tempting fate, I am going to send it my Hermes signed delivery,  because Sherry and I haven't had a problem using my Hermes, and because I use it often the Drivers get to know my packages & routes (they like my art!!!!) and a lost item is less likely.

So I learnt two lessons -

external mail art on the packaging is nice for the Postie,


  never draw circles over numbers...

I have added to every Karen Joural page and completed my own:

First entry (feels like I'm dong the radio One Pop Charts!)

bird gerhl - I added some background collage and used light and shade to make the face POP

next was Pat's  Sweet Child of Mine, so I added in an embossed 'mother and child' stamp

embossing looks odd in the image

 Karen has asked each participant to write what they did on the back:

In at number three:  Ave Maria, I embossed over Virginia's addition of the two crosses in Vintaj Copper Emboss Metal

Four:  Virginia's Purple Rain
I added the rain drop and accented the lettering to give it more POP

And Last up (and half way around the rotations) at Number 5:
my very own Pink Floyd Final Cut :  graphite on mount board, sealed with gesso and matte and gloss varnished, 'lifted and lightened' and then accented with blue watercolour.



  1. That was lucky you got it tracked down. I love the pages.

  2. Oh my Donna you've done an amazing job on the journal, I have also learnt from this in that I will be printing your address in much bigger writing in future, maybe even typewritten!

    1. it was just that the returning postie couldn't see he had obliterated a number!!! i was so releved when we found it...

  3. ooops I thought I had already commented here, sorry

    I am absolutely thrilled to see how these previous pages in Karen's journal are evolving - the whole point of this site is to drag people screaming out of their comfort zones and to realise the joy of relinquishing control and opening up to collaboration :)

    There are plenty of other websites and forums where you can sign up for the traditional "everyone does their own page and leaves the others well alone" CJs - but I want collabor-ART to be a real anything goes kind of place :) and I think we are getting there! yay!

    Having said all that I will be extremely nervous to touch your wonderful Roger Waters (I presume it is he as it looks like him) sketch, as it is bliddy perfect already!

    1. tis indeed Roger, thank you kindly,

      there is a top and bottom border to play with if they are too scared to attack the portrait!

  4. Please, please play with the borders and not the lovely Roger !! lol ... only joking but I do think he looks fab 'as is' - thank you everyone who has worked on my CJ so far, for all your pages plus the add on bits too :D I love what I have seen so far x

  5. These pages look so wonderful, i love the mother and child stamp x