Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pairs Journal - Sarah and Shirley

It has been quite a while since I last worked on Sarah's Journal! Due to illness I have not been able to get into my craft room very often since last October. Luckily the pairs journals have no time constraints on them and Sarah has been very patiently waiting for me to get active again. It has been a bit of a slow return, with only 30 minute visits to my desk being allowed at any one time! Hopefully this situation will change over the coming months.

Here are the pages I have been working on:

Sarah did a stunning painting on this page, therefore, I treated the page with caution making sure I did not get any unwanted paint splashes suddenly appearing on the page. These do happen to me occasionally!

On this page the colours Sarah had used and the circles she had placed on the page just called out flowers too me. Now this caused me a bit of a dilemma as at the beginning of doing our journals together Sarah had said 'no flowers please.' Although I know Sarah meant no pages looking like someone had sneezed flowers onto the page, I was aware of the request but no matter how I tried I just HAD to do flowers. I tried to think of something else but the flower idea stuck! So I have warned Sarah she was getting flowers anyway but also said she could always gesso over them if she felt the urge!

The next 4 pages are completely mine and they are now waiting for Sarah to add her creative art to them.

This page has a mix of dreamy colours to match an image I have had for a while.

On this page I used a new technique to me that I learnt at a class with Any Skinner using paint, alcohol and perfect pearls. Goodness know how that fish appeared!

I loved this image and just had to use it. The background was not the original one I had started out with as we are getting near the end of the first side of the journals pages it is getting a little bit heavier and when I picked up the journal to carefully move it for the background to dry it split slightly on the fold! So I had to do a slight repair and collage some papers onto the background. in the end I was pleased
with the result.

This page is a page in its raw form with some colour wash already for some more art to be placed on it.
I hope it has been worth waiting for Sarah...it will be in the post this week. YAY


  1. Fabulous pages especially the top one - and the flowers are very subtle and can be pushed further into the background if Sarah doesn't like them (I think they are great)

  2. ha ha - you know what? I LOVE that page with the bees and the flowers, it might be one of my favourites yet :D it's more Prima sneezes that I have an aversion to, but this page is spot on!

    Love that fishie too, and all the fantastic pages you have set in motion, talk about making up for lost time! I reckon you have cheated on your 30 minute limit a few times ;)

    oh and never worry about splashes of paint, happy accidents all :)

    I had better get working in your journal now!

  3. These pages are amazing!!!!!I just love the "flowers"page,and agree with Sarah looks a lot more than 30mins woth to me XXX

  4. Oh they all look fabulous, hope you get to your craft table more often over the coming months!

  5. Hope you r feeling better now Shirley. Fab pages, love the fish. I checked out Andy Skinner, some great projects there, love his stamps might have to have a few. Lou x

  6. Great work and I do love that fish! Hope you're feeling better and slowly getting back into your groove.


    see if someone says 'Don't...' to me I immediately want to do that very thing more than anything else in the world, I have a very dominant Contrariness Gene, ( my dad quotes the Mary Mary quite contrary rhyme when I go too far), so glad Sarah loves the abstract flowers because they do WORK, fabulous art, and yes it woudlbe hard to work on her face page...

    Oddly I quite like the Prima sneezes - I am going to show Sarah one of the Rumanian artist ones and see if I can change her mind...