Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Purely Collaged Postcards

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my late post. These are the glorious postcard backgrounds I received from Bex.

Both already pretty fabulous and I was so worried I would ruin them. This is what I did before posting one on to Virginia and one to Sam... That yellow fish was what caught my attention most. Then I found a vintage advert on an old newspaper page I had. It read something along the lines of "if fish could read they'd buy this bait"(I don't think they would somehow...) but it tickled me so that's what I went with.
Next up, that brown square looked like a window to me and the woman looked a bit scared. Found a vintage dinosaur comic strip in my box o' bits and it pretty much made itself . The wording all came from a fabulous "Wonderland of Knowledge" encyclopaedia that my partner's Mum gave me... he had told her to charity it! Flipping cheek. It's a treasure trove of gorgeous colour plates and interesting articles.

If you'd like to see the postcards I received - I've blogged them here. Irene and Jazz I couldn't get your blog links from the sidebar to work but if you can let me know them I'll make sure you are linked in my post.

I really enjoyed this challenge, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and I now have huuuuuge respect for purely collage artists. I will play more with collage now I think... but also mixed with paint and ink. 

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I haven't stopped laughing yet but these are brilliant! I was wondering how my backgrounds had turned out and these are just fab. Love the thought process, love the cards and I need to dig out my old comics now to reassess them!

  2. Am so glad you like them Bex :D I really enjoyed this swap!

  3. I'm loving both and having received the fishy one can tell you they look even better in real life!

  4. I have to say that when I first saw Bex's backgrounds I felt sorry for whoever had to work on them next as they already looked near enough finished and they were so fabulous already! But I LOVE what you did with them Carmen, these are awesome! (and I like the fact you and I both ended up using people with fish heads :D)

  5. These are both wonderful Carmen and I love mine, Virginia's right, even better looking in real life!! Thank you x