Saturday, 23 March 2013

I once had a girl .... or should I say .....

It's Desert Island Discs time again and this month I have Pat's absolutely gorgeous book to play in

I chose the song Norwegian Wood as when I was little, the Beatles were constantly played in my house as my big sister loved them - and this song (and the Rubber Soul album as a whole) was my favourite

I never realised though until I really read the lyrics in preparation for this page that it was about a jilted arsonist! :D

But instead of portraying our John burning the poor girl's furniture, I decided to illustrate the line about sleeping in the bath tub...

The background was spray painted through the same stencil twice, but moved a bit the second time...  I was kind of trying to go for something reminiscent of the Norwegian flag:

Not sure it quite worked, ah well, at least the colours are right....ish

Then I blocked out the shape for bathtime Lennon with white paint pen, and started to colour him in:

I liked the way the background showed through his towel so I made sure to keep a bit of that in the final thing.

Lots of shading with oil pastels and a Stabilo All pencil later, and he was done.

All that was left to do was type up the relevant bit of the song lyrics:

You can see where I was a bit heavy handed with the typewriter on the "o" in "crawled off" and the middle fell out - oops!  But I had already stuck it down before I noticed :)

So that's it for my own page, quite plain, so lots of scope for you lot to fiddle with it as it does the rest of its rounds :D

And talking of fiddling:

I added some shadow stamping to echo the lovely pressed flower on Pam's page

And some light colour to the gorgeous sketched girl on Sherry's page

Meanwhile Donna's amazing Parisian page was the perfect home for my Paris washi tape (up top)

and I finished up by giving Virginia's page a blush of colour round the edges

As ever, this has been a lot of fun!

Sian's book next month, and I'm going to give a bit of an advanced warning, my page might have a few swear words on it!


  1. wow- I have got to step my game up!!

    loving the added bits too :)

  2. Loving this book, really taking on all the collaborative elements! Loving the take on the flag as well fabulous stuff!

  3. I am absolutely lovin my page - the others are good - but the page for mine is brilliant - thank you xx

    1. they are all for you Pat :) the Lennon page is the one I did in your book - and the rest is the additions I have made to everyone else's pages in your book....

  4. Sarah, I love what you did with your chosen song. I was thinking of doing that one, but know it would have beeen nothing like yours. Love your drawing of bathtime Lennon and what you did with the background / flag effect is spot on. Lovely additions to the other pages too.

  5. yes indeedy looking very good...


  6. I am a lucky girl with all those fabulous entries ;)