Saturday, 9 March 2013

Introducing a new member-me!

 Hello everyone. So this is my first post on here to introduce myself (I hope its in the right place).

My name is Michaela but I have been known as Kyla since I was small (I am now 42 so not as small these days!).  

I started crafting at the age of 7 and have tried everything from candle making, knitting, felting, ceramics (3 years of evening classes meant I was able to really experiment with setting molten ground glass and metal into pieces), encaustic, card making, scrapbooking and embroidery.  More recently I have discovered mixed media, altered art and journalling and I now know where my heart truly lives!

Here are a few examples of my work:

 This is an altered microscope case.

I love making these microscope necklaces (hence the empty cases)

I do make a lot of tags.  I find they are a cheap way of trying new techniques.  This is one made with metal tape from the hardware shop and the chain is a toilet flush chain!

I spend a lot of my time journaling, this is from my travel journal that I take with me on long train journeys armed with a small travel art kit before you know it your at your destination and have some new art!

I live in the west country in the UK with my husband (who plays in a punk band) and love going to gigs (rockabilly, punk, folk and ska mainly).  I spend my days locked behind a computer managing IT programmes so non digital craft is such an escape for me (I love going into work with ink stained hands and watching peoples faces when they spot them!).

I was lucky enough to meet Donna last October who convinced me to join and take the plunge (thanks Donna).

My blog is here (its called lilpidge as my nan has called me that since I was a toddler).

I look forward to joining in and seeing some fabulous art.



  1. Oh Kyla so lovely to meet you, loving your fabulous work particularly that journal page - awesome stuff. Can't wait to work with you on here!

  2. I laughed out loud at the hair gorilla! Fab page and Welcome :-)

  3. I too laughed at the hair gorilla page, and I love your microscope necklaces. Welcome Kyla.

  4. welcome welcome welcome aboard :) (and well done Donna for recruiting :) )

    looks like we have a lot in common Kyla, living in the South West, going to punk and ska gigs, and working in IT with inky hands :) I like making microscope slide necklaces too - my other half got me a soldering iron for chrimbo so I have been soldering slides together with merry abandon recently.

    I love the work you have shared with us, and look forward to collaborating with you going forward

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome ladies. Sarah....I have blogged about my soldering exploits too!! I made my hubby a flashing LED heart! Its very addictive (soldering and using it to join and cut manmade fabrics). I look forward to finding out more about you all


  5. Welcome Kyla - thanks for sharing your - looking forward to having you collaborart with us in the future

  6. Welcome Kyla! Love the pieces you have shown and looking forward to seeing more of your work x