Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pam's Desert Island CJ: Smooth Criminal

So I can't sew, I've never worked with fabric, I don't own a sewing machine and when I received this I thought HELP! :o) It is gorgeous though... and a couple of ideas sprung to mind first of all printable canvas then transfer paper was suggested to me. Tesco only had transfer paper so I went with that! I'd already decided what I wanted my page to look like and I'd created it digitally so I had something to follow. It turns out transfer paper is fab!

I love smooth criminal and I love music played with classical instruments (Metallica's S&M album springs to mind!) and I love cellos (Apocalyptica hello!) so this was an obvious choice for me. I hope it's not too papery for pam (thank you mod podge!!!) I managed to use some ribbon as well under the title after painting it red. So here it is:

As Pam doesn't like MJ the only reference to him is the hat hanging off the cello but it seemed to me to fit my theme of a smooth criminal with bullet holes and blood drops. Pam describes the song as exciting and sexy and I hope this page goes some way to representing that.

Thanks for looking :o)


  1. Oh that is fantastic there are a couple of fabric cj doing the rounds and I've not had any of them!

  2. This is cool Sian - and now you have the t-shirt transfer material you can make yourself a top :)

  3. It turned out great Sian :)

  4. that's the nice thing about these circles, they offer a challenge for us to do new things, and thsi is a great example of using fabric as your media, I love the blood drops very much,