Friday, 1 March 2013

Gill and Pam Pair Journal

Hoping to post this to Gill this weekend so here is a heads-up on the Pair Journal.

I found some gorgeous little books on sale in Oxfam and bought four of them

 the paper is lovely to use, takes paint well and also works well with stitching- so perfect for my lumpy-bumpy style of journalling

I love drawing eyes - found this top one in a magazine and had to contrast it with an open one

I have a tendency to use up left-over paint and media because i don't like wasting things- so play around with 'bits' in my journals
These two pages are left-over carveable paste from another project you can see on my blog

More left-over paint- gold and red from the same project

and some old images i had

Also had some paper left from the gold leaf I was using in the other project- the backing paper usually has lovely little flecks of gold left on it when the leaf is removed - so i glued it in the journal and tried a couple of stamps

Then i doodled a bit - I think I was feeling imprisoned after being stuck inside for weeks :)

So- good luck Gill :D


  1. Wow LOADS for Gill to work with there, you have certainly been busy! I especially love the skeleton page and the eyes

  2. I am loving all the texture on your pages and the wild abandonment of your images!