Wednesday, 20 March 2013

WARNING: Please read this if you are pairs journalling

Sarah will tell me 'I told you so' and 'we have rules for a reason Little Miss Anarchy'

Paired journals are NOT SUPPOSED TO MEET

so when Virginia and I ended up with both and swapped them both literally as a 'pair' I suppose we should have seen it coming...

MY journal is PREGNANT

please be warned you should keep your journals circulating one at a time or they may have too much fun together and you could end up with Jounalets....


  1. :D

    our first Collabor-ART baby!!!

    I'm going to start knitting bootees :D

  2. I can't knit, but can I screenprint a onesie for it :D

  3. Hee hee...
    I wonder what my journal is up to down there in Wiltshire with Sarah's I hope they are behaving themselves.
    Thanks for the warning Donna. :-D

    1. Don't worry Shirley, I'm keeping them in separate rooms :)

  4. HeHe, love it! Hope its twins then you could do the whole parent trap thing and have one each!

  5. Drat I knew I shouldnt have let them share the sane box for two weeks lol.

  6. ROFL!!! but I want baby journals!!

  7. Hee hee hee looking forward to seeing baby journals xx

  8. I am looking for good homes for the offspring mini journals - Sarah can you set up a group I will swap a baby journal for any return of art item/junk