Monday, 11 March 2013

Pair journal- Sami and Lou

Hi! Lou and I have joined up to do pair journals. I forgot to take photos of my book before sending it to Lou, but here are photos of Lou's journal before I send it back to her.

 Lou had done the beautiful colours on this page and I added the Buddha head and the texture paste circles.

 I added a photocopy of a jellyfish i drew a while ago and some circles to Lou's background

 Lou had done the purple background and the lovely tissue heart in the centre. I added the wings and some stars and stamped some text with white ink

 I added the angel and the ivy leaves and the inked pink flowers to this page

 I added the fortune cookie label, the tree in a circle and scribbled around Lou's collaged circles. I added a bit of orange through some sequin waste as well

 I loved this page, the dancing girls that Lou had stamped reminded me of May day so i added a may pole and some stamped bunting/flags to the edges and a little fairyland ticket.

 This hand image that Lou had done was beautiful so i didn't want to add to much. I just doodled some gold in the corner and added a stamp and some stamped text, some paint through a stencil and a collaged bit of a gelli print to the opposite page.

To finish off this round I started some more background pages for Lou to add to.
I think this is going to be a great collaboration and I loved working on Lou's pages!
Sami x


  1. Loving all your additions Sami, look forward to getting my hands on it again. Lou x

  2. Beautiful work - loving it!

  3. This is looking SO fantastic already, hard to believe it has only just started out. I especially love the henna hand stencil, the maypole and the doodled feather. Making me feel super guilty that I am so behind in mine and Shirley's pair journal, must catch up!!

  4. Fabuloso colours and stamping, it is looking beautiful

  5. That feather is doodled? It's gorgeous. I'm loving these pages - your styles compliment each other so well!

  6. wow! I never saw this site of yours before, Jez. Amazing things happening here. i love all the examples of mail art and journal pages you are showing. i haven't tried mail art yet because I am a procrastinator and when it is time to send something out...It Is Time! Maybe after my 3 week break from art to be at a family reunion, I will try to pre-decorate some envelopes with mail art! I am curious as to how the fabric one with raised pieces came through the mail???!!!