Friday, 1 March 2013

Attitude pair journal (Nigel and Sian) and Sarah's DID CJ

I realised recently after looking at other people's posts on here that I've been approaching the pair journal thing all wrong, I've been doing a full entries then passing it on when really this is an ongoing project that can go on as long as Nigel and I want it to and so I don't have to complete anything, instead I can just play and add stuff later! To this end here's what I've been up to in my Attitude journal posted off to Nigel this morning:

To be continued... Nigel feel free to have a go :o)

And then there's Sarah's gorgeous CJ. I was going to go for Just Like a Pill, then it changed to Fight For Your Right and then I settled for Present Tense. For me, it's the reasons people give that swing it far more than the song and whether I like it or not and that's what I based my LOs on for this song:

I wanted to do a shadow of the past so I found this monster image online and then copied it in pencil, cut it out and painted it black the eyes are red paint. The background is blue, maroon and black paint. I wanted the flap to open so I cut it off and reattached it at the side then underneath I added an acetate panel and inside I put strips with words on like lost, angry, loneliness to represent the past that Sarah talks about in her journal. There are blank strips for anyone to add to if they want and then it can be sealed if Sarah wants to leave the past where it belongs.

On the back I wanted the opposite of the darkness so painted yellow with rays. Sarah used the image of her tattoo in another CJ we were in together and did you know if you google certain words the image comes up :) that's how I got it anyway. I added the rest of the lyrics of her favourite lines in the rays using a pink pen.

Once again I created the same flap opening on the opposite side, this time I put strips in with hope and finding strength and then I left the rest blank for others or Sarah to define her own present which as she says is joyful and happy. 

I hope this goes some way to representing how Sarah feels about the words in this song... oh and I've since signed the outside bottom flap bit but took the photo prior to doing this. :) Sian x


  1. Oh Sian fabulous work both on the CJ and on the pairs journal, I'm even finding the CJ is something of a 'work in progress' adding to others as they pass through my hands and not getting too 'hyped up' on finishing something completely, it's very liberating!

  2. Sian you are a genius - your Present Tense entry in my CJ could NOT be more PERFECT! I LOVE IT! How worrying though that my leg tattoo is so easily found on google :D That must be the photo taken the day I had it done - looks sore - ouch!

    And fantastic pages in your pair journal. Kat Von D is my ultimate lady crush, love her.

  3. The pair journal has landed, so now I have to decide where we're going next :D

  4. I really like the pages you have done in Sarahs CJ. Love the words behind the acetate and all the reasons you give for what you have done, perfect!