Monday, 18 March 2013

Sami & Lou's Paired Journal

So I took the plunge to partake in some Paired Journalling, Sami was very kind to offer herself up to me.  Panic then immediately set in, collaborative art is fun but also very challenging and nerve racking for me; you all make it look so easy.  I faff, procrastinate and then worry its not right, even though I know 'right' doesn't really apply here, but I want to do a good job IYKWIM, so Sami's fabulous journal arrived and my mind went blank.  I kept looking through it thinking how can I add to these fab pages, what will work here, how much do I do....the list goes on and on... eventually I told myself to GET A GRIP and Go 4 IT, so here goes ..........

Page 1 before and Page 1 after - I toned down those pink hearts with a light coating of gesso and then added the red mulberry flowers.

Page 2 before and page 2 after - I used my chalk pastels and covered the page in lime green so you could still see the text underneath. The & and Q are stamped in acrylic, the bird and music line are glued down.

Page 3 before and after - this was actually the first page I worked on and then decided it was too bold and had a major panic over it, it took a couple of days before I worked on the journal again.

Page 4 before and after - I've added some rub ons to create texture in the background and the flowers on the dress, the words, the dragonfly and the bird cage are stamped onto tissue paper and glued down, the crown was just shouting at me "pick me, pick me!" so I did.

This page is all me, I used chalk pastels for the rainbow and some stamps.

This is another page I've added to but can't find the original image.  Chalk pastels again, stamped tissue for the penny farthing and a digi image for the cockerel.

This is another page started by me, chalk pastels and a stamped image.

I didn't work on all the pages maybe next time round I'll feel braver.  The journal is back with Sami, hope she enjoys working with my contributions.  


  1. You sound like I feel! However, you needn't have worried, all the pages look absolutely wonderful!

  2. once Sami tells you you are wonderful you will relax and ENjoy collaborarting!!!! your work is magnificent

  3. Thanks guys, you are too kind.

  4. This journal is getting off to such a brilliant start! I love seeing the before and after pics. I hope you're feeling less shaky now you've bitten that collaborative bullet :) I particularly love the bird perched on the strip of music - what a wonderful way to depict a songbird - and how you have crowned Sami's pretty girl and made her a princess :)

  5. Lou, I LOVED what you did in my journal!! Fantastic pages which have given me even more inspiration. Loved the moon page, that was the first one i worked on when i got it back,then i worked on the Mary Poppins page and have throughly enjoyed it!! Have no more fear, as Donna has said You are Wonderful!!! x

  6. OH this journal really is moving along fabulously!