Sunday, 10 March 2013


Well this little beauty arrived a week or so ago from Pat and in Sonja's CJ, the ones that have passed through my hands up to now have been larger than this one and I did wonder what I could create.  There were still plenty of tracks that I love to choose from and so I set too listening to the CD and perusing the book, it didn't take much to decide on the Gun track Don't Say It's Over from the track list.

The CJ is based on a chipboard page with an envelope attached and I wondered if I could do something a little 'different' with the envelope.  So gelli plate at the ready I set too.  I had a fab morning playing journalling etc to create this entry, background gelli plate and music and star stamps, images and masking tape, leaving enough 'blank space' hopefully for future additions.

The back of the page looks like this, again Gelli plate.

I opened the envelope up, gelli plated it (this is becoming a habit), reinforced the 'tear off' strip of the envelope (which didn't survive the gelli plate due to it's perforations) with black card, hand stamped the track name, attached the gun image, masking tape and an off cut of scrapbook paper and felt me 
work here was done!

 I also added to other entries, more black stars to add to the ones already on the journal (bottom left).

 Blue ribbon ruched up and attached on the True Blue page.

 Black cogs on this page

 Star stamps

on both sides of this entry albeit that they are slightly different star stamps

I put the checkered paper on the envelope insert on this entry

It'll be off to Donna's when posting day comes around next.


  1. well, stars and gelliplating certainly did make these journal entries look fabulous, excellent work,

    its fab now there are more entries each time we rotate,


  2. Virginia, i love your pages! The colours are great and all the little aditions to the other pages are fab x

  3. I really like that red and black cool colour scheme you have going on on your Gun entry and all the starry additions everywhere else. Plus bonus points for using the word "ruched" - I love that word :)