Saturday, 30 March 2013

A long overdue Pair Journal update

It was a real race against time to get this to the post office by lunchtime today - but I have sat on Shirley's poor journal for long enough and I was determined to get it sent back to her before I disappear on my hols - I made it with about 5 minutes to spare :)

I have only made a couple of little tweaks to existing pages this time around as I was short on time, maybe I'll revisit them next time the book comes a-calling

I added some colour/shading to the little houses on the Home page:

and various bits and bobs (washi tape, oil pastels, stamping) to the texturiffic Love page:

Shirley had started this next page with a wonderful fiery background - so I added a phoenix, some stencilling and the word Rise:

The next page is half size as we have now got to the end of the front side of the book.  The word I pulled from Shirley's pocket-o-words was Life, and my mind went off on a tangent thinking of artificial life and hence the 1s and 0s in the background and the wireframe tree:

I then flipped the book over and added a couple of new backgrounds to the backs of a couple of the pages already completed:

This first one was gelli plated, with a sneaky spray paint border to hide the fact that the double page was just a little tiny bit bigger than the gelli plate :)

And this one made use of some of my old Basic Grey letter stickers - some left on there, some used as masks and removed

I look forward to seeing where Shirley takes these two springboard pages

And I leave you with a look at Shirley's entire book as it stands so far - to give you some idea of scale, it is 8" tall and more than 10 feet long!  I had to stitch together this photo in Photoshop from 11 individual shots:

Please click on the pic to see it more clearly....

It has been a pleasure to collaborate on the front half of this book, and I'm sure we will have just as much fun with its 'backside' ;)


  1. This is simply stunning. I love it! Almost tempted to say Shirley's moved in with me so send it to my address but I see it's already gone!

  2. I adore this pairs journal - utterly gorgeous!