Friday, 1 March 2013


Well I've waved Nigel's CJ off in the post today, it said it had enjoyed stopping here on the way through but is ready for new scenery at Donna's.  However, this time I've sent the CJ with a giant type written address on the front - so big the postman's biro pen could not possibly 'change' the number of Donna's house - it's so big the Post master complained he was struggling to stick the stamp thingy on and the recorded post thingy!  Fingers and toes crossed that it arrives safe and sound and that poor Donna doesn't have to go pleading at the post office to obtain the same as she did the last one.

Anyway I digress so this is my take on Nigel's journal and wow did I make it hard work for myself, first up I decided to paint - yes I repeat again - paint an original piece of Brighton Rock, it was when said 12 year old said "what is it?" that I started to feel it may have been a bad idea, but I persevered and found some real Brighton rock piccies that hopefully helped the 'illusion' - once applied said 12 year old said "oooh I get it" which made me feel mildly happier about it!

Inside I've intentionally left it 'simple' so that others can add to it.  I almost (and I say almost) put an old fashioned microphone on it but then decided against it).  Radio Luxembourg was the reference Nigel had when discussing Brighton Rock - hence the layout, the background papers have been lightly gessoed to mute the colours.  I almost (and I say again almost) did some work on the edges of the page, but again realised that those that come after me can have plenty of fun when things are a bit simpler - so I left that bit too!
Then the adding bit, I added music notes to Nigel's layout
The stamped 'bubble wrap' stamp to Sian's layout
 Stamped envelopes to this layout
 And finally a lamp to Pat's layout
 Thoroughly enjoyable ready for the next one!


  1. Aha - this was what you were painting for Nigel, I did wonder. It looks just like a stick of rock to me, what does a landlocked 12 year old know? :)

    cool additions too, fun this isn't it :)

  2. it arrived and it is in my possession - phew.... and it is magnificent and I shall set to collabor arting it, just off to post Sarah's mail art x2 (one was cheating so I made the other one) dxxxx

  3. Hurray arrived safe and sound and on Saturday - fabulous stuff Donna!

  4. Blimey, this isn't half rattling along :)

    I'm loving where this is going :D

  5. Love the Brigton rock images!