Thursday, 21 March 2013

Archived: Junk for Babies

Okay so here's the deal:

you tell me you want a D&V journlet (baby offspring from our pregnant paired journal):

I send you a journlet and you send me junk....

Here's how it works:

You add your name to the list AND you email me your addie,  I tell you when I have mailed you your baby, when you receive your baby you decide what junk it is worth, and then you mail me back some be clear you don't have to make me anything ( if you do I will be happy) you can just send me stuff I will use in my makings....


Adoptive Parents List:

1  me! me! I want a baby!  - Sarah -  mailed received Junk recieved thanks
2  I want a baby too!!!!! -- Pam-mailedreceivedjunk recieved tahnks
3  I would love a D&V Bubba too!-Sami- mailed and recievedjunk recieved thanks
4 I would love to become an adoptive parent - Jas x - mailedreceived
5 I always said "no more", but I have no will-power and too much junk - Nigel- ???lost - mailed ages ago. It's arrived now, and will have a stern talking to about dawdling :) ah I kenew I sent you a special one!
6 I would love to own a piece of your work...and as you know I have LOTS of junk to spare!! Kyla- mailed and received...will blog soon - junk exchange arragned
7 I could send you enough junk to make the Von Trapps...?! Thank you, Leanne x-mailed
8 I'm available to adopt Lou x -  mailed & recieved
9 If you don't mind sending to France I'd love to adopt one. Rebecca (Bex) -
mailed received junk en route
10 I've no previous experience, but would love to take care of one of your gorgeous babies Donna - Sherry -mailedreceived junk received
11 If there are any more babies available I would be happy to adopt too - Pat Beaumontmailed & recieved
12 Okay, okay - I tried to resist - but couldn't - me please (Karen) - mailed & recieved
13 You know me to well :) Yes please, thank you Donna. mailed and recieved
14 this one is for BIG mamma Carol Davies of the uSA - to be made - will be ready in approx 2 weeks - private excahgne tothe usa
15  this one is going home to Mamma watch out Virginia

The babies have to be full term before they are birthed so I will tell you your due date when you email me your addie...


  1. Oh Donna this made me giggle, I already own an older sibling of these babies me thinks loving that there are ten tiny offspring to be had

  2. Is it too late to add my name? And can I join from the US? If yes, then I respectfully do add my name as I love your baby journals so very very much and would exchange with great buckets of junk!!
    carroll davies of vermont