Monday, 4 March 2013

Nigel's Desert Island Discs - Donna's contribution

Each desert island disc journal has been an absolute pleasure to work in, and every journal has revealed alot about it's owner.  Nigel's 'discs' are no exception.

As a man who has served Queen and Country, his career strongly influences this life story told in music.

The longest time was spent actually choosing a track, I really really wanted to do motorhead, because hawkwind and motorhead were so influential in my own life story.  

I also remember how deeply tragic it felt when Kirsty McColl was killed, and I remember her mother talking about the boys she left behind and the impact it had on their young lives.  And as a child who lost my own mother I wondered what it might feel like to be able to hear your Mom's voice anytime you like? 

Kirsty's cover of this epic Billy Bragg song about our ability to glaze over the awkward harsh truths with a veneer of make believe is a classic, for sure.

 my fave line = 'when the phone didn't ring I knew it wasn't you' (Bragg you are a true poet)

The extra verses Billy wrote for Kirsty he now sings himself when he performs this song, in tribute.  

So Kirsty won and Motorhead is still up for grabs,

I  had fun adding to the other pages too:

 Caroline looked a bit Hippy Chick and the inside had me thinking camouflage:

 Vienna - added to Pat's lovely colour palette with keys and bindings:

 Tainted love - I was thinking boys and style and design and all the Marc Almond/Boy George stuff:
so I collaged in some extra's

Freebird, I just added a subtle echo of the cage:

Couldn't resist!!!!   I regret not seeing Queen live....

And finally New England:

Card, wax paper, imagery, wax crayon, machine stitching, embossing, and trinket

I don't want to change the world,
I'm not looking for a New England
Are you looking for another girl?


  1. ahhhh Donna Donna Donna you've excelled yourself again :)

    I would have definitely chosen New England if it was still available when it came to me - but I don't think I could have done it the justice you've done to it, no way. (and besides, there's still Motorhead :D)

  2. Oh Donna I'm loving loving loving the additions, all fabulous, I wondered what could go on the Radio Luxembourg page and the crown is absolutely perfect. Love your page! My hubby saw Queen on their last major tour (the famous one where he wore the white outfit with yellow jacket) at Wembley and he's always said how awesome they were! Loving your choice and the fantastic page you've done!

  3. Absolutely delighted with all of this :)

    I am slightly confused about Motorhead though, as I didn't think they were on my list :s

    1. Sorry Nigel - brain leak- I must have been thinking motorhead from your t shirt/leather and miss read meatloaf - It is a wonder i didn't realise from listening to the disc, so lgad I didn't do a meatloaf page on a motorhead theme, then again.....

  4. stunning pages and love all the additions. So wishing i joined this challenge when i see all the wonderful pages everyone is creating :(