Monday, 25 March 2013

Donna's Desert Island Discs

Florence and the Machine
Never let me go

I'll be honest and say upfront that I struggled with this,
as the music just didn't speak to me,
nor did the video.
But after giving myself a stiff talking-to, I actually like what I came up with
I just hope Donna will forgive my lack of musical taste ;)
The outside of the inside is acrylics,

and the errr, inside of the inside is pen and charcoal.

Now I just need to go and add a few tweaks to other pages :)


  1. Oh Nigel I love it and I'm sure Donna will too!

  2. I do love it, and I understand that other peoples choice of music doesn't necessarily 'speak' but that's what I love about the CJ - I am "forced' to do things I'd never normally do, and I am thankful that the rest of the people in the group do the same, the grasp of the hands is so right - for me the song is not about holding hands it's about being lost and having a lifeline, fabulous interpretation Nigel.

  3. Well the music might not have grabbed you but the artwork it inspired is fantastic!

  4. I think this is beautiful. It's not my favourite Florence song but it has captured it beautifully.