Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sonja's Altered Christmas Sardine Tin

This is how it was looking when it first arrived waiting for layer3:

I added the big swirly star at the top and a small garden of star flowers and the words "Scatter Joy".   I toyed with the idea of adding bigger wings to the outside of tin but decided against it.  
The garden of stars looks like this:

I've really enjoyed playing with these little cans, hopefully we'll do a few more in 2013.

Heads Up: I've had lots of problems with blogger rotating my pics, but by renaming them to .PNG seems to have resolved it.


  1. It arrived Saturday and it's stunning in real life. I was struggling to get a good photo here it's been so wet and miserable. Can I steal yours when I blog it please? I sent Sherry's away today so hopefully she'll get it tomorrow. I'll be joining in again next year as it was a lot of fun.

  2. I love working with little tins! This gives me a great idea about putting a 'frame' kind of thing around the front of it and extending it out. Nice!

  3. Feel free to use these pics. If I get a chance I'll email you the originals L x