Monday, 12 November 2012

Desert Islands Discs - CJ - Sherry's page for Donna

First, I must say that you are all in for an absolute treat -
Donna's record box CJ is fabulous and I was so excited to
examine every inch and delight in it!

The song Donna chose for me was one I'd never heard of
and I hadn't heard of the artists either - 
'Melancholy' by Louise and the Pins.
It is a beautiful song and one I think I'll be listening to again -
even when not in a melancholy mood.

The artist describes her music as folk / rockability
so I decorated the holder like this - sounds really naff
now, but I thought it appropriate at the time!

I added a wooden tag with some images of Louise.

I went a little overboard with spray inks really, just
kept adding layers and a little bit of rubber stamping.
The words I printed out onto copy paper and machine stitched on.

 This is the inside.
I used some lyrics from the song.

Similarly for the back cover.

Finally, I added a charm to the outside of Donna's box
as when I opened it a little metal pig fell out, he must
have become detached from somewhere so I added him to the
bottom of some miscellanous beads making a longer charm and 
adding to Donna's already lovely jangly collection!

I hope you like it Donna - I did enjoy doing it
(I can stop shaking with nerves now!)

[the box is now on it's way to Pam]


  1. wow - you definitely rose to the occasion Sherry, what a great entry!

    I'm a little worried by the sentence "the song Donna chose for me" - do we not get to pick? Nervous now :)

  2. I aren't a part of this work of going on art,but would just please like to say how much all of this work happening is all just SO BLIDDY AWESOME!!!!! you all rock and I love what you're all doing.Will enjoy watching all this progress XXXX

  3. Sherry it is absolutely marvelous thank you so much, I think the pig fell in - thanks for securing him ha ha ha,


  4. This looks great. I can't wait till it arrives here.