Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pass The Painting - updates please

Hi guys

Unfortunately the filling in of who-has-posted-what-to-who on this swap has been very spotty, and so I can't really tell who's got what - but all 6 paintings *should* now be home.

  • As far as I can see, Lorraine and Effie have both posted pictures of their completed paintings.
  • Leanie has presumably got hers back too as it was posted some time ago and we have a photo of it in its completed state from Sami
  • All three of the finished paintings that I've seen so far look great!  I hope you all had fun with them :)
  • Can Nigel, Sami and Jean please let me know in the comments below if you have received your painting home yet - and if so, please post a photo of it as soon as you can, as I'd like to close the swap down and make those animated gifs to show each canvas's progression through the 6 stages....
  • If those three AREN'T home yet, could whoever has them or had them last please let me know in the comments, ta!


  1. Apologies. There was some confusion as mine overtook Sami's so I received it a month early. I didn't post as I didn't want to cause any more confusion (and then forgot).

    Sami's is complete and posted.

  2. I recieved mine back from Nigel on Friday 9th Nov Sarah. Have just posted pic of it. x Thanks Nigel x