Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pieces of Me

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd be brave and showcase my Desert Island Discs journal. I say brave because I've been blown away by the other ones I've seen. My idea was to create my own "record collection" that I could add to or look back at. So I created record sleeves that are identical - so I know they belong to the same special group - and open like books and inside is where the artwork(the record) takes place. I picked my songs pretty early on, there have always been songs that have spoken to me about significant periods in my life. I should warn you all that my reasons for choosing them are very personal. 

I have nowhere yet to store my records (I have seen Donna's wonderful box) I've just chosen to send them as is for now. So here they are: (for some reason on the preview my headings and pics aren't all coming out in the middle despite me centering them all - so apologies if the layouts off)

The first is simply a title page and the intro is on the back:

And here's my first "record sleeve" :

On the back of each sleeve are some lyrics and my reasons for choosing this song. I won't put pictures of all the backs, instead I will let you read them for yourself when they arrive. Each record opens like a book and inside is some heavyweight sketchbook paper to create your artwork/record on. I chose Butterfly to create so here's the blank pages as you will get them and my finished piece:

Signing in is on the back of that flappy bit - I've explained why I chose this song and what I used to create the piece. I've also asked everyone to sign the front of the record as an artist would for a fan.

Right here's the rest of my "fronts":

Song 2:

Song 3:

Song 4:

Song 5:

Song 6:

Song 7:

Song 8:

Song 9:

Song 10:

Ok, so there it is. It's all ready to post and will go off to Pat tomorrow morning. Looking forward to receiving everyone elses. Sian xxx


  1. I paid Youtube a visit :D some good songs BUT ... I get yours last :o Wonder what will be left? lol

  2. Sian - the advantage of waiting to get it back is that you can make a n=binding to fit with everyones work, my box may well influence people too much and limit their choices, I love that you have been so brave and made it so personal with us bunch of strange strangers... dxxx

  3. Don't worry about not having made something to hold them, neither have I.

    Another excellent list of songs, and another one in particular that I want to get my hands on.

  4. This looks fab - are those record covers shiny? looks like distressed silver foil.

    Can we decorate the inside of the front cover too?

    As with every single song list posted so far, there is one song on here that I really WANT ..... fingers crossed!! :D

    Oh and some of my song choice reasons are deeply personal and a little hard hitting too, I hope nobody minds.....

  5. Thanks everyone. Sarah, I've since attached the full lyrics inside the front cover because for me it's always the lyrics that get to me. I designed the sleeves digitally and printed them on photo paper, hence the shine :o)

  6. Fantastic job Sian, love the sound and look of your journal - and I think your Butterfly page is wonderful! Look forward to seeing it for real.

  7. Great idea and I'm looking forward to seeing this CJ. I love the Christy stamp.