Friday, 2 November 2012


I did have plans for it to be elaborate and amazing, I thought about it lots, I changed my mind on the design numerous times and selected different tracks as well and then suddenly the day was upon me - how did that happen!  So all hands on deck I spent time with paint and paper and CD's and... well you get the picture, a circle journal wouldn't be a circle journal if I wasn't pushing the boundaries of the time limit.

I settled on a simple design, a box containing ten pieces of chipboard, a playlist a CD with nine out of the ten tracks and some sign in tags.  My layout is uber plain as is the box, thankfully this is Collabor-ART and so I'm sure it will prove to be a good base for everyone to add there own elements to and I've posted it to Donna so I'm sure she will have much fun adding to it, given how gorgeous her Desert Island Disc journal is.

This is the box, very plain like I said, the title on the outside, under the lid is the playlist and the 'instructions' and at the bottom of the box is the CD and the tags.  If the box contents ends up too dimensional I'll sort when it returns with additional elements on the side of the box me thinks, unless someone does that on its way round - please feel free - it is after all an 'anything goes' journal.
The page, like I said plain and simple.
The other side - the store of the track and the image!
Hope it proves a good base for the journal, can't wait to get my hands on my first one!


  1. It looks great - I love how everyone is so different!

  2. I will try to get it tomorrow fromt he pO tomorrow

    sooo excited


  3. Looking good - and I am dying to know what songs you picked :) keeping us in suspense :)

  4. I have it and am investigating the tracks to pick one that'speaks to me' ha ha

    I bet if you guessed which one I end up picking you will get it right!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the page you did in my journal - it is gorgeous

  5. It will be exciting to see it at the end with all the collaboration. Looking forward to heading my way.