Monday, 12 November 2012

Incoming Mail Art from Jez

Woohoo!!!  Look at this amazing postcard that was on my doormat tonight when I got in from work.

Thank you Jez, it's brilliant! All hand drawn.  I bet my postie loved it too!

It's big - about A5 size - and really sturdy - puts my little flimsy postcards to shame :)

(and no, Donna, I haven't forgotten I owe you one, will get on with it this week, promise)

Here's the back:

Thanks again Jez, I really love it


  1. The man on the post office counter was very reluctant to put it through the postcwithout an envelope. "Well, can't I just put it in a ..." 'Nope, that's the rules'. "Yes but it needs a cover, Ive got this ..." 'Not allowed' etc, etc. "well, can I put a stamp on it? - in that case I,ll put a Christmas stamp on". All this while an enormous queue waited behind.
    Glad you like it Sarah.

  2. another gorgeous one Jez! I love your style!

  3. I'm giggling at the PO man adding his part with a Christmas stamp. Great mail art.