Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Soundtrack - Desert Island Discs CJ

Phew - finished - JUST in time for posting day

So here's my book.  I hope the rest of you Desert Island Disc-ers enjoy it :)

I've made one of my leather-wrapped longstitch journals as I love the format - but I've done it with loose pages for you to work on away from the journal, and then tip in to the book when you're done, just to make it easier.

That should all make sense when you've got the book in front of you.  Hopefully :)

One of the inside pages in progress ( I forgot to take photos of them finished ) :

My 10 songs - chosen not necessarily because they are huge favourites of mine, although some of them are, but because they are associated strongly with key moments in my life - are listed below, with links to Youtube.

I have taken song # 7 for my page - Behind Blue Eyes by the Who

Sign in .....

The CJ will be in the post to Sonja tomorrow, and I really look forward to seeing it again in about a year!

Song # 1 : Hair from the musical of the same name

Song # 2 : Cool For Cats by Squeeze

Song # 3 : Germ Free Adolescents by X Ray Spex

Song # 4 : Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

Song # 5 : Fight For Your Right by the Beastie Boys

Song # 6 : The Shortest Straw by Metallica

Song # 7 : Behind Blue Eyes by the Who

Song # 8 : Just Like A Pill by Pink

Song # 9 : Going Inside by John Frusciante

Song # 10 : Present Tense by Pearl Jam


  1. Fabulous journal Sarah, love your cover and your page too! Another one I can't wait to see.

  2. Fab journal AND songs Sarah .... love quite a few of these :)

  3. beautiful journal, and intriguing list of songs, let the fun commence...

  4. Stunning work Sarah - as always :o) x

  5. It's fab in real life and I'm wanting to make a journal like this now. The CD is well played already as I drive to work and I've whittled it down to three songs.