Sunday, 18 November 2012

Palma and Vicki's pair journal-first round

These are some of the pages that I have worked on in Vicki's journal.
It's been a while since I received it and every time I opened the journal I just couldn't get into the swing of things! I guess that I had a lot of other stuff going on at the time but I decided to whip this gorgeous journal out and dedicate all my time to it.
I worked on some of the ready found backgrounds and on some blank spreads. I left most of them unfinished for Vicki to add to if she wants.

I added the Bingo card to a page (left) and did the raven over an existing background

I painted a face over this leafy background which I think was a gel plate print.

Left unfinished

water solubel oil pastels

watercolours and water soluble oil pastels on a blank page

Collage and ring marks over Vicki's background


  1. Gorgeous! I'm having problems getting going, mainly I think due to the house being upside down thanks to the loft conversion. It's my birthday next week though so I intend to spend some time getting creative. A treat to myself!

  2. Wow!!!!! this is all looking so wonderful already and you two have barely got started yet :)

  3. Thanks :)

    Vicki, don't worry about it. There's no time limit and you work when you can or feel like it :)

  4. I love the raven he's very cool. Great start.

  5. This is looking amazing, I love all the pages, especially the face over the gelli art page-superb!