Friday, 2 November 2012


Crikey it's a while since I posted, I've actually been in possession of Donna's journal as well as my own for a few weeks now and decided that the posting day for the new Desert Island Discs journal was the time to send the journal back to Donna!

As Donna's book is now a book sculpture in itself it is getting a little more difficult to work in - but that's part of the challenge, most of the additions this time have been subtle additions with the exception of one full new double page.

This page I added the band stand
This is the full new double page complete with bead work, felt flowers and encaustic wax
Then the added page on the left hand side should provide a good base for Donna to work on
Added stars and Welsh love spoon which in hindsight maybe both needed paint over the top - but then Donna might do that!
This is hard to see the additions, but I've added some elements of pearlised encaustic wax to the bird on the left
Encaustic wax on this page, including the words, so the page has a very smooth feel to it now
 Blue wax additions
 Cobweb bottom right
 Gold wax dots on the left page
 The bliss rub on
 Wax additions to the title and to the lips!
 So now it's time to work on my book.


  1. OH I adore the new double spread... I am DEFINATELY going to make it to the PO collections depot tomorrow!!!!

  2. oooh encaustic - that's something I've never tried, but I do love the effect. Am loving seeing these books evolve!

  3. I'll have to goggle encaustic for full details. It looks great. I think these book collaborations are ace.