Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Evening all, I've been on a roll this week and received Sian's journal which I should have from the 1 December from Pat as it was more timely for her to send it early.  Another gorgeous journal, this one in separate pieces, I had a difficult job picking the track as there was such a good selection and Sian's journal is so heartfelt and honest, I felt incredibly privileged to take part in the journal.

I chose Snow White Queen by Evanescence as it was one of my favourite tracks from the selection and this is what I did.
A 'typical' art journal layout from me, including some of the lyrics, using acrylic paints to finger paint.  Since photographing I've also added  three small (tiny) red hearts to the shield and a little bit of inking through a mask. I did think about putting words inside the shield but wasn't sure which ones and this is off to Donna next so thought I'd leave it in case someone else can come up with something thus adding to the artwork in our collaborative way.

In line with the idea that this circle journal is a collaborative affair I decided to add some elements to the inner pages of the two previous pages, in keeping with the layout's already completed.  I hope this 'addition' is OK.

These colourful hearts I add to Pat's layout next to the lyrics
and the butterflies to Sian's pages.
 I'm going to send this journal to Donna, together with Pat's in the next day or so along with my pairs journal, that way Donna can work on them when she's ready.


  1. Oh Virginia you put me to shame. You have completed two months' entries before I have even finished one! This page is so you....a Virginia Classic (that sounds like a brand of cigarette lol) . Perfect image for the song.

  2. That's it, I'm sulking. I wanted that track! *Stamps feet and throws teddy from pram*

    To be fair though, you've done it far better than I would :D

  3. Great page. What a great saying " a Virginia classic" love it.

  4. Virginia this is beautiful - I love it! Thank you so much for another wonderful layout and your lovely comments - I watched that film recently and absolutely loved it :D - Nigel stop sulking!!! There there lol