Monday, 19 November 2012

a Donna Disc Thing

Virginia sent me ( donna louise rodgers)  her desert island disc box and hoped that as well as selecting a track and doing a 'page, ' that I might also add to the cover/box.  So I masked off and sprayed.

 took out a piece of cardboard substrate,

listened to the tracks and had a good look at what Virginia had done:

Then I set to work on my contribution:

Gesso applied ( x3 layers)  sketched and shaded with Graphite a  life study of pregnant lady,
 hole punched
 integrated style so it works alongside  Virginia's  own page
 I added my 'famous face' postcard as a signature piece - you can see it nestling in the lid
 on the back of the reclining nude - I wrote the lyrics and the reason for the choice of track, stamped and embossed my rapture stamp (available from the artistic stamper) -
then protected the work with  freezer paper and tissue

 it's a wrap
 details:  Santana Smooth

hope you like it V


I will mail onwards on Wednesday...and update the mailing list when it goes.


whoop whoop - thank you Sarah - how did you get the words so right??? uncanny


  1. OMG - Donna I've only just seen this it's absolutely fantastic THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - your art is fantastic I adore it, and it works so well with the original page, the box looks fabulous too!!!!!!!!!!! Again thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Absolutely stunning Donna - looking forward to seeing it for real.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful Donna! I can't wait to see it for realz :)

    Glad the postcard arrived. Did the eye on the back survive? I was a bit worried it would all get washed off in the rain :) The words are lyrics from one of my favourite songs - "Look On" by John Frusciante - the resonate with me, and apparently with you too!

  4. Stunning. look forward to seeing this one for real :)

  5. Great work. I'm just finishing my entry for Sarah and it's great to be back being chalenged and getting creative.
    The mail art is very cool as well. Love the quote.

    1. Duh! Must spell check before hitting post :-)

  6. Wow, your drawing is so beautiful x